Arguments support gay marriage

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Senator Eric Abetz offered a slippery slope argument that actually involved a slope. This is not a very liberal-sounding sentiment - it may even be wrong - and as former Australian High Court Justice Kirby pointed out in my segment, a time may come when we look at these relationships differently. Aristotle said justice is about giving people what they deserve. In this instance, I think he was spouting nonsense. By challenging my own intuitions - a bit of reading and bit of listening to the other side's views - I concluded that "marriage equality" as it is often framed by its proponents lacked the conceptual depth necessary to justify the cause or explain why same-sex marriage has, or will, become a reality. Banned likewise is wearing mixed-fabric clothing, interbreeding animals of different species, tattoos, mocking the blind by putting obstacles in their way, and trimming your beard.

Arguments support gay marriage

All address residual legal issues only legal marriage can resolve. When it comes to homosexuality there are, at most, six passages of the Bible that are relevant. Which is not to say that if the law changes, two male cycling mates shouldn't be able to get hitched if they so desire. There is also the argument that denying a person's right to enter into a multi-person marriage would not be unequal treatment because they still have the right to enter into a two-person union. Australia Today, the High Court is hearing arguments about the same-sex marriage plebisurveythingummy, which, in the opinion of constitutional guru George Williams, is likely to be struck down. Who is fighting against the same-sex marriage postal survey and what arguments will they be making in the High Court? Which, to be fair, it does. Paul shares a stereotypical Jewish distrust of Graeco-Roman same sex activity, but is simply not talking about loving partnerships between people with same sex orientation. It is, however, actually about gang-rape. To claim one set as timeless truths while ignoring the others is patently hypocritical and goes against the grain of the text itself. But in my experience the singular focus on equality is also related to political traditions of the groups who have taken up the cause. As Crikey's correspondent at large, Guy Rundle , warns: For Dr Mayman, changing the definition is really no big deal. It's simply not obvious how any society should adjudicate a decision as profound as changing the definition of marriage. It's not hard to understand why: And framed this way, the simple task for progressives was to push until the battle is won, and push on hard. Bridges, at least as far as I know, are not sentient beings able to consent to marriage. But they already can, and nobody appears to contemplate preventing them, so the proponents of this argument instead uses their concern to justify his opposition to same-sex marriage. These are six verses out of more than 31, verses or roughly 0. Some are just bigots and, just to clarify, I lay the larger portion of blame for incivility in this debate with these people. There are considerable mental health and wellbeing benefits conferred on those in the fortunate position of being able to marry legally. It was not binding, but a parliamentary majority for change following the vote was all but assured and had the advantage of bringing an enhanced democratic legitimacy to the outcome. The debate over same-sex marriage is fundamentally a debate about whether gay and lesbian unions are worthy of honour and recognition that, in our society, state-sanctioned marriage confers. Australian governments once prevented Aboriginal people from marrying non-Aboriginal people. Over time, marriage has changed in various ways. If you don't like political correctness, vote no — because voting no will help to stop political correctness in its tracks. Eric Abetz suggested that marriage equality could subsequently lead to people marrying the Harbour Bridge because "why not?

Arguments support gay marriage

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  1. So why do we discriminate against these other types of relationships - relationships whose structure, at least theoretically, may be as vital to the happiness, autonomy and fulfilment for the lives of those who partake in them as any two-person union?

  2. I agreed with much of what she said; both of us, after all, want to see same-sex marriage become a reality.

  3. Aristotle said justice is about giving people what they deserve. Here I want to try to flesh out the issues I could only raise briefly on air.

  4. The remainder of the biblical references occur in the New Testament, written between approximately 50 and CE in the context of the Roman Empire. The United States has taken a judicial path, probably the least satisfactory of all because it has left many bitter that a fuller democratic conversation has been pre-empted.

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