Bemidji area code

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Any Member or Guest who appears intoxicated shall not be served any alcoholic beverage on the Club premises. The Handicap Committee has the authority to assess penalty scores for players not posting scores. Smoking is not permitted in any of the club buildings. It is the policy of the Club to maintain a drug free workplace and environment. The Golf Professional shall be the representative of the Board of Directors in connection with the daily play on the golf course. The fact that balls have been left on the range tee does not imply that people who are not season range pass holders may hit them free of charge. The possession or use of any controlled substance on Club premises is strictly prohibited.

Bemidji area code

Because of the low population density in northern Minnesota, the region was unaffected when the area was subdivided in You must have a drivers license to operate a golf car. Any Member who violates these rules may be subject to discipline, including, but not be limited to, formal notice of rules violation, denial of club privileges, suspension, or termination of membership. Season range pass holders are encouraged to bring to the proshop any bags of balls left on the range tee. Members MUST fill out a membership form before playing their first round of golf. Finance charges will be assessed for accounts 30 days past due. Members shall not reprimand or attempt to discipline any Employee of the Club. All groups are required to play in 4 hours and 15 minutes or less. It is the sole discretion of the proshop to pair up players. The Club shall make every effort to make available services and space for members during scheduled non-golf events. Any complaints regarding any Employee shall be reported to the appropriate Manager on duty or to the Board of Directors in writing. Golf carts must be kept off all teeing grounds, out of all bunkers, and are restricted from coming closer than 50 feet to all greens complexes at all times. Players smoking on the course are expected to deposit cigarette and cigar butts in the trash receptacles in teeing ground areas. Members shall not engage in loud, abusive, obscene, or offensive language, to include racial, ethnic, or sexually charged comments. The teaching of golf on the range for income is reserved only to golf professionals employed by the club or to golf coaches. The fact that balls have been left on the range tee does not imply that people who are not season range pass holders may hit them free of charge. The range is open from the time the proshop opens until 1 hour before dark. Rakes should be placed outside of the bunkers. Tee times can be made by calling the proshop. The Handicap Committee has the authority to assess penalty scores for players not posting scores. Groups that cannot play at this pace should let faster players play through. According to a map of the NANP, the region was originally r-shaped and covered about two-thirds of Minnesota. No charges shall be made to any member's account in absentia without the member's authorization for the day the charges are incurred. The entire clubhouse, deck and patio area are available for use or rent for non-golf events. It is one of Minnesota's original two codes, although its geographical area has been modified since inception.

Bemidji area code

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  1. Proper Golf Etiquette is to be practiced at all times on the golf course. The driving range can be used by golfers who either have a season range pass or who have paid for a bag of balls.

  2. If anyone rides in the other seat, they must pay the standard rate. In order that charges are applied to the proper account, members when charging clubhouse purchases must:

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