Central pa cougars

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They are there to help us. However, sightings of the large cats have continued through the years. The cat was far enough away that I couldn't get a size reference, and I believed the cat was further away than it actually was. So, couldn't that same argument apply to pumas in the Northeast? It had been captured in Florida, and was to be released.

Central pa cougars

Albinos are often very light sensitive, and they certainly are conspicuous, and most do not live very long. I think it is possible that recognizing the existence of pumas in the East could jeopardize this industry and an entire economy. Granted, the image is not great, and I used some Photoshop adjustment layers to enhance the image, making it a bit easier to see. Would these ridges be declared off-limits for hunting? I have received about two dozen reports during that time, including one game camera image that still looks very credible to me. An animal's coat can stray far from the norm. In only one report had an official from the Pennsylvania Game Commision, a local warden, actually agree with the person reporting the sighting. That may be true, or was once true, but even a declawed puma, if it can survive off rabbits and squirrels, and breeds, its offspring would be fully equipted to survive. A Game Commission vehicle was there, and the Fed Ex driver, after reaching the bottom of a long hill, turned back to check on what he saw. I hope no one ever shoots a puma to prove their existence here, but I hope someone gets a great photo, of the cat, of a road-kill, of tracks, and that I see it. On the second night, a mountain lion passed by, apparently drawn by the smell but put off by the stench, as the cat did not visit the kill. Print Do mountain lions exist in the wild in Pennsylvania? This, after they were told that there were no pumas in Pa. Each year, over tha past five, I've spoken with at least one person who swears they personally saw a puma in this state. The State cites that there are no road-kills, and in a heavily trafficed state like Pennsylvania there should be kills. By the mids pumas were eliminated from almost all of the eastern states, and by mid-century were officially extinct east of the Mississippi, except for a remnant population in southern Florida. Where they always here as a relic population? But more importantly, he also said that regardless of color, he saw a big cat, with a tail that looked to be about 4 feet long! Would my mountain ridge be declared 'Critical Habitat' for the puma? The sightings were great bear views, but too fast or fleeting to allow me to grab a camera. It was decided that this shouldn't influence the decision and, in fact, an infusion of new genes produces a hybrid vigor, lessening the chance of in-breeding. Over the last two years I have occasionally posted a Question of the Month soliciting sightings from people who believed that they have seen a mountain lion in Pennsylvania or in other areas in the mid-Atlantic states. Those special two were across a river just outside Glacier National Park in Montana, and consisted of a mother and two cubs Mary saw both cubs, I only saw one, and we did so separately, as we were driving two vehicles. He saw his cat at very close range -- 20 yards or less, and when I pointed out to him that pumas are never black he said that perhaps it was the light. In Pennsylvania, I receive a few reports of black, big cats, which makes one wonder -- are there melanistic black pumas out there, or are those sightings always wrong.

Central pa cougars

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