Flaming urban dictionary

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The literature suggests that, compared to face-to-face, the increased incidence of flaming when using computer-mediated communication is due to reductions in the transfer of social cues, which decrease individuals' concern for social evaluation and fear of social sanctions or reprisals. And even when consensus is reached, the underlying assumptions may be fallacies that lead to laws and programs that fail. Flaming incidents usually arise in response to a perception of one or more negotiation partners being unfair. It was subsequently used in other parts of speech with much the same meaning. If I could only ignore them, the computer conferences were still valuable. Rice responded to the comments with her own lengthy response, which was quickly met with more feedback from users. The user spends more and more time dealing with irrelevancies. Much of it is redundant.

Flaming urban dictionary

A mental model may be correct in structure and assumptions but, even so, the human mind—either individually or as a group consensus—is apt to draw the wrong implications for the future. Where else would you get new ideas? Furthermore, within a single individual, mental models change with time, even during the flow of a single conversation. Jacob Borders, in discussing participants' internal modeling of a discussion, says: Flame bait is an often deployed tactic used by flame trolls. Goals are different but left unstated. Two days later, the tech news blog Switched [8] published a similar article titled "Putting Out the Flame War," which discussed using automated bots to moderate forums. The flame troll may be motivated by the attention the post receives, or by the entertainment value provided by those who have been angered by the message. Professor Norman Johnson, commenting on the propensity of Internet posters to flame one another, states: Ongoing discussion of current celebrities and television personalities within popular culture also frequently sparks debate. Acknowledging mistakes, offering to help resolve the disagreement, making clear, reasoned arguments, and even self-deprecation have all been noted as worthwhile strategies to end such disputes. Often when someone takes the bait, others will point this out to them with the acronym "YHBT", which is short for "You have been trolled", or reply with "don't feed the trolls". On September 11th, , the technology website eHow [14] published a guide on avoiding flame wars, advising Internet users to become familiar with a community, avoid taking flame bait and respect others in the group. Encyclopedia Dramatica Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About Flaming is a slang term used to describe hostile and insulting interactions between Internet users, often as a result of a heated discussion or argument over a controversial topic. Flame wars often draw in many users including those trying to defuse the flame war and can overshadow regular forum discussion if left unchecked. When social identity and ingroup status are salient, computer mediation can decrease flaming because individuals focus their attention on the social context and associated norms rather than themselves. Flame War," in which two animated stick figures engage in a battle over a copy of a Internet forum flame war game shown below, left. Those participating in a flame war may try to insult their opponents' intelligence by pointing out spelling and grammatical errors. The result is that while computer conferencing began by saving time, it starts to eat up all the time it saved and more. The human mind assembles a few relationships to fit the context of a discussion. Alas, it's not always easy to do". Internet flaming was mostly observed in Usenet newsgroups although it was known to occur in the WWIVnet and FidoNet computer networks as well. As debate shifts, so do the mental models. An approach to resolving a flame war or responding to flaming is to communicate openly with the offending users. One day the user wakes up, decides the initial euphoria was spurious, and logs off, never to return. Mental models are fuzzy, incomplete, and imprecisely stated. It is little wonder that compromise takes so long.

Flaming urban dictionary

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  1. However, others prefer to simply ignore flaming, noting that, in many cases, if the flamebait receives no attention, it will quickly be forgotten as forum discussions carry on. He added, "I noticed something:

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