Heal a hickey

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Wring the cloth out properly and place it on the affected area for a few minutes. Personal Health- your personal health also affects how long you will have to live with a hickey. Apply a cold compress to the area. A hickey, also known as a love bite, bug bite or a kiss mark, is a bruise caused by biting, sucking or aggressively kissing of the soft skin usually around the neck or on the arm. To do it, stretch the skin around your hickey until it is flat. Peppermint should not be used more than once daily because it can cause skin irritation. Apply a little peppermint oil gently on the affected area.

Heal a hickey

The heat from the cloth helps to dilate blood capillaries and make way for fresh new blood to circulate to the hickey and clear up the mess. Once this is done, scrape the skin using the edge of a large coin. It has cooling, soothing and disinfectant properties that help to get rid of a hickey quickly. Apply rubbing alcohol to the hickey using a ball of cotton. How effective massaging is on a hickey depends on its severity. Cocoa Butter Cocoa butter is an effective healing agent for hickeys and other bruises. Wait for about 15 minutes to see the results. The amount of damage done to the blood vessels in the skin will affect the time it takes for the hickey to fade away. Avoid pressing too hard while brushing because it might make the hickey much worse. Apply a lotion or cream that is rich in Vitamin K to the hickey two to three times a day until it has vanished completely. Banana peels are the answer for you. If you do not have access to peppermint oil, you can use almond oil or olive oil. After a minute or two, change the direction of motion and continue rubbing. How to Get Rid of a Hickey Most people consider hickeys an embarrassment and inappropriate, especially in professional, social or family environments. Once you are done, make sure that you apply a moisturizing lotion because rubbing alcohol can dehydrate the skin. When a person aggressively kisses your soft skin, small, superficial blood vessels, known as capillaries, are broken, letting the blood seep out into the surrounding tissue. Apply a cold compress to the area. It lessens skin sensitivity in the affected area and speeds up the healing of the broken capillaries. Gently massage the area for several minutes to help minimize any discomfort. Alternatively, use your hair dryer to heat the area while you massage it with your fingers. Remember to massage the area for a while after application of cocoa butter. You can do this by pulling the skin away from the hickey on opposite ends. Drink fresh orange juice as soon as you notice a hickey. A hickey, also known as a love bite, bug bite or a kiss mark, is a bruise caused by biting, sucking or aggressively kissing of the soft skin usually around the neck or on the arm. If timed well, the use of oranges can help you remove a hickey quickly. You can use peppermint-based toothpaste as an alternative to peppermint oil.

Heal a hickey

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