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First time I watched the trailer of the game, I immediately fell in love with his attire and dressage. And said attachment, possibly with good reason, at least to Wrench. But they weren't fucked up.. And Wrench had not yet figured out whether that was a positive or negative attribute. If the author agrees he can delete it; no mods needed. I just told her 'good morning' 'hope you'll have fun at work' 'I miss you' 'I can't wait to hang out' 'Do you think Johnny Siska is gay? Wrench shifted a little, then straightened the fabric of his torn jeans - cleaning them of invisible specs of dust - anything to keep him from acknowledging the pair of compassionate eyes, burning holes through the side of his hood.


So, what's the problem? In some cases people do this with comments from the person they're arguing with, hoping to get the moderators to suppress the other side for them. Wrench interrupted the silent train of thoughts, he just knew ran down miles worth of tracks in the black hacker's mind. I am very European, and though my English is generally OK, no-one is above making the occasional error. Unfortunately, this would require extra plumbing; non-moderator users have no flag notification system now. We text each other shit like that all the damn time, and you haven't run away yet. It's not done and over with yet. Marcus had not seen flaw within the young hacker's appearance -- despite Wrench's self-perception on the matter. If he disagrees, the flag goes to the moderators as usual. But they weren't fucked up.. Marcus never invaded his personal space, he had to give that to him -- he had become one of his closest friends, and that within such a short time -- It all seemed surreal. Wrench was a cunning guy, smarter than he wanted people to think he was -- he was all too aware of emotions traveling by various means. If the author of the comment sees it and agrees then he can delete done! This is why it would be better for "no longer needed" obsolete flags to notify the author of the comment instead. That's way too much work. That's no good, and your proposal allows that to happen without any oversight. An alternative would be to make "no longer needed" flags public. It broke my heart seeing Wrench outside of his character, and his silence during the ending scene with Marcus.. And that's even before I showed her.. People sometimes flag comments they simply disagree with as "no longer needed". They say eyes are the windows to the soul because they unintentionally give away more than we want, or even realize -- but a voice held the same, exact power.. You know my phone insta-deletes any incoming and outgoing messages after they've been opened and marked as read.. I hope I did Wrench some justice.. Before you read the actual fiction, take some time to read this little note first. Even though shrouded by the mask's vocal modifying speech recognition software, Wrench's voice sounded soft, and barely audible -- he hid pain within his voice, and Marcus realized the reason for the voice modifier. As a moderator I have, unfortunately, seen flags used offensively.


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  1. The harsh sunlight reflected on to the many spikes decorating the leather mouth-constraint, and it caused Marcus to squint slightly. His beloved mask, firmly grasped between his slender fingers, the leather material resting within the soft palms of his scraped hands.

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