Marc antony biography

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Politically, Antony grew more and more entwined with the Egyptian kingdom, having turned to Cleopatra for help following his failed expedition against the Parthians in 36 B. Civil war and triumvirate In 49, the year the Civil War broke out between Pompey and Caesar, Antony was tribune of the plebs and vigorously supported Caesar. Caesar conquered Gaul for Rome, and Antony assisted him in suppressing local rebellion against the Romans. As a triumvirate consisting of three governing officials called triumvirs , they assumed absolute authority for ruling the empire, although Anthony and Octavian soon edged Lepidus out of power. Without their fleet, Caesar lacked the necessary transport ships to cross into Greece with his seven legions. This drove him back to Egypt, where Cleopatra was the Queen.

Marc antony biography

As Octavian entered Alexandria, both Antony and Cleopatra resolved to commit suicide. The Battle of Pharsalus: After Antony had officially divorced Octavia, her brother formally broke off the ties of personal friendship with him and declared war, not against him but against Cleopatra. Ben Thompson Apr 6, 9: In 52 Antony held the office of quaestor , an office of financial administration that gave him a lifetime place in the Senate. As a young man from a distinguished family, Antony received an appropriate education. Caesar used his governorship as a launching point for his conquest of free Gaul. In return for its support, Rome exercised considerable power over the kingdom's affairs, particularly control of the kingdom's revenues and crop yields. Although Cassius was "the moving spirit" in the plot, winning over the chief assassins to the cause of tyrannicide , Brutus, with his family's history of deposing Rome's kings, became their leader. While Octavian returned to Italy, Antony went east to put affairs in order in the eastern provinces. Second Triumvirate With Caesar's death, Antony was forced to fight a two-front war. This drove him back to Egypt, where Cleopatra was the Queen. After entering Rome, instead of pursuing Pompey, Caesar marched to Spain to defeat Pompeian-loyalists there. In contrast to senators, whose members came from the upper class of Roman society, Tribunes represented the rights of the individuals and of the people. Most of them gradually left him and were received by Octavian. Caesar's actions further strengthened Roman control over the already Roman-dominated kingdom. He was a major figure in the Second Catilinarian Conspiracy and was summarily executed on the orders of the Consul Cicero in 63 BC for his involvement. One front was against those who had plotted to kill Caesar. Tribunes were expected to stand up for the rights of individuals and for those who were not members of the highest classes of Roman society. Career with Caesar Antony received his first overseas experience in the eastern portion of the Roman Empire, when, during 57 to 55 B. The presence of troops was enough that Antony was able to force a compromise, restore the Senate, and end the civil war. Serving under Caesar, Antony demonstrated excellent military leadership. Antony then made a new proposal: This was done against the orders of the Senate but with the approval of Pompey, then Rome's leading politician, and only after the deposed king provided a 10, talent bribe. The power given to Antony worked against him. He fled back to Egypt with Cleopatra.

Marc antony biography

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  1. Most of them gradually left him and were received by Octavian. Caesar was rapidly moving in the direction of a government in which he would hold king-like powers.

  2. At the same time the crisis between Octavian and Antony was reaching a climax. Antony's violent reaction had caused Rome to fall into a state of anarchy.

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