Motorsport marshalling

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I first met my now husband when I secured a ride in a passenger seat in a speedway car at the Annual Alexandra Lap derby in ,I was hooked from that moment on, so I soon started driving in the Victorian Ladies speedway class of standard Saloons.. The addiction grew from there and after a trip to the USA and visiting a large number of tracks over there I had my heart set on driving a nationally recognized class back home and that then took us heavily in the Australian Class of Street Stocks. My dad has raced since before I was born, so I have grown up with an interest it speedway. So speedway has always been in the family. It is on the improve,however women need to help this perception improve. I started in speedway over 15 years ago and then followed my passion with V8 Supercars Explain your current involvement in motor sport? I have qualified for some impressive finals at high quality race meets too. Its not completely exclusive though, if you can show that you did well at that university, and the course has all of the right subjects then you should still stand as good as chance as anyone.

Motorsport marshalling

To be part of a family that makes it all happen. I love any sports!! I really do love the experience of being part of a team and my passion and reward for motor sports will never change. Coming 5th in the leader board for Junior Feature race winners and 12th in my first and last State Title in Carnarvon fastest girl that year What is the best advice you have been given in relation to motor sport? And this from a very young age. Yes I breed Arabian horses. Go in open minded and it will come to you. He has taught me everything I know about racing and cars. If not would they be interested in taking me on in another engineering role even though it would not be my subject or would they possibly take me on in a more general role? April 18, at 8: I love the adrenalin rush. It is all seat time for me to learn my craft and learn how to race hard and fast in these beasts. March 31, at 8: In fact Maths is pretty fundamental for engineering in general unfortunately so if you wanted to be an engineer you would need to work at this pretty hard. Also all the great people I have met and friends I have made.. April 1, at 9: Formula Student is excellent but, in my opinion and many might disagree, it is a victim now of its own success. This started my love of Formula 1, and heightened my interest in other racing categories. I have a few I call my greatest accomplishments. He stood out far more than any Formula Student candidates did as he had organised that himself rather than just gone along with the flow. Would they judge you by what College you go to or does it not matter as long as you have experience working in a racing team. When not racing i absolutely love travelling overseas. I first met my now husband when I secured a ride in a passenger seat in a speedway car at the Annual Alexandra Lap derby in ,I was hooked from that moment on, so I soon started driving in the Victorian Ladies speedway class of standard Saloons.. Would these things help my CV in a few years time when trying to get a job in a F1 team, along with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Learn from each other and work together as a team.

Motorsport marshalling

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  1. We have so many friends that have been made from the sport and that we travel around with every weekend. My older sister was supposed to race it but she got a bit frightened so I jumped in the car and never looked back.

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