Pisces man profile

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Part of their protective mechanisms is to, one, hide emotions, and two, to come across as non-caring or aloof. The fish are, per stories, either Venus and Cupid or Aphrodite and Eros who transform into fish to escape from Typhon. Or on a builders site wearing a hard hat and covered in dirt. The teenage years may prove particularly difficult when dealing with raging hormones, growing pains, peer pressure, and first loves: Thus, Pisces men are individuals who aim for personal peace, harmony, and who look to bestow the same onto others. You will find the Pisces male to be incredibly versatile, smart … no more like brilliant … and creative. Instead, the Pisces male would find more contentment working solo and at his own pace.

Pisces man profile

But they drove me insane! Neptune is furthest from our sun. Others point to Jupiter. Jealously is not one of the personality traits of a Pisces male. He will listen patiently to their childish problems, provide them with solutions, keep their imagination oiled and minds active. They are amiable, kindly and, on occasion, a little devious, twisting and turning to find the easy way out of difficult situations. With children, he will be a lot of fun and extremely loving. Now, we must not forget the potential for the Capricorn and Pisces connection: Finally, the Pisces man is both sweet and shy and this can be to his benefit or to his detriment depending on the people he associates with and the level of trust he develops with them. He appears to be confident of himself, but on the inside, he is painfully shy. Much of their creative skill sets come from their ability to feel different emotions, such as sadness and joy. If your fish knows how to swim against the current, you can be sure that you are luckiest girl on this earth. Pisces - characteristics and profile of the Pisces man, woman, child and baby Category: That's just not him. Search Pisces Man There are basically two types of Pisces men - those who go against the tide and those who go where it takes them. Pisces men are amazingly romantic; they have an intense sense of empathy and when in love they tend to be nurturing. All I know is that this sign is particularly gifted in this area. Spiritual, mysterious, imaginative and idealistic this man is one of the dreamers of the zodiac. This goes back to what was mentioned earlier about being natural caretakers. All this doesn't mean that he is weak or feeble. Now, you might call it wasteful daydreaming but not the Pisces male … he calls it enjoying the powers of his imagination: A pairing that will find no trouble whatsoever discovering romantic harmony. President, George Washington, was Pisces. To win the heart of a Pisces all you need to do is listen, remember, and demonstrate a genuine interest in what is important to him. At first, this trait may seem like a good thing but it can also be a negative. The sun sign that rules over the Pisces man represents duality and of the harmony of yin-yang energies.

Pisces man profile

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  2. Powerfully emotional, intuitive, creative and caring, the Pisces man is sensitive and often your most trusted friend.

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