Tantric sex new york

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Huvitav oli teise inimese energia tunnetamine. Partners who join as a couple may work exclusively together in couples exercises. The study of Tantra is expanded here to a higher level of understanding and accomplishment. This workshop is open to singles and couples. The course schedule may vary day-by-day due to the nature of the teachings and needs of the group, but generally, our training schedule will look like the following: Does this course involve any nudity? Venue is located on the fifth floor of the building with no access to an elevator and will require a walk-up of four flights of stairs.

Tantric sex new york

Does this course involve any nudity? Teachings within the course: For the purpose of creating a balanced and harmonious group, this course can be joined by application only. However, every participant will need to recognize their own limits of comfort and those limits will be respected. Please note the above approximate amounts can fluctuate mildly based on daily market rates. Course fee includes all teachings and activities during the course, drinks and snacks. To apply please visit: You will learn the skills necessary to become a true tantric man or a woman. Please realistically evaluate yourself before applying. The English used in the course by our teachers is very clear and normally easy to follow even for a person with average English skills. We bring long-established but perhaps forgotten Indian and Tibetan spiritual teachings out of obscurity in an original and accessible way, giving clear guidance to those who seek evolution through Tantra. Payments can be made with a debit or credit card. What is spiritual sexuality and how to use energy during lovemaking How to reach new levels in your sexual experiences 7 different female orgasms explained The distinction between orgasm and ejaculation for men How can men and women achieve together multiple orgasms What is sexual continence and how can it be achieved Understanding curves of pleasure and polarity in love Transmutation and sublimation practices Learned Tantric rituals and exercises: This course does not involve nudity, there may be some erotic elements in certain tantric rituals only. However, in group exercises this cannot always be accommodated. You will ignite your theoretical comprehension of the ageless, powerful path of Tantra and begin a solid practice with clear fundamentals. This email will be sent a few weeks before the course begins. But do note that participants will be encouraged to pair up with different partners during exercises in order to experience energetic exchange with a variety of individuals. Discount is valid only for women who book both courses simultaneously! An effort will be made to accept an equal number of men and women. I am very happy that I received guidance and concrete techniques on how to begin my tantric journey. There is no explicit sexuality in this training and no explicit sexual activity as part of the curriculum. Purification for the space, body, aura, and mind Sexuality of the Chakras Meditation Awakening of the Senses game Synchronized Lovemaking Ritual done privately Tantric Transfiguration Ritual, and other practices throughout the retreat Explore the mystery of spiritual eroticism and transform your lovemaking into a life-changing, liberating and spiritual experience! The fee does not include accommodation or meals. Just a short walk away from iconic landmarks, memorials and monuments. This course includes some erotic elements, but does not include nudity.

Tantric sex new york

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  1. Participants should be prepared and able to walk up 4 flights of stairs multiple times throughout the days. However, every participant will need to recognise their own limits of comfort and those limits will be respected.

  2. At Somananda Tantra School it is both our dream and our mission to bring authentic and very practical Tantra, Yoga and meditation teachings to people everywhere, from Europe and Asia to the Americas. Day 1 Wednesday, 10 January

  3. For example, you will need to bring with you a Yoga mat, also some clothing items for the tantric rituals, etc.

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