Teenage sleepover activities

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Purchase pillowcases to decorate. PartyJoys Staff Last Updated: Minute to Win it Games. Just like cup stacking, come up with several activities that can be completed in one minute. Buy a poster of a film star, or if you have an old one that you do not mind discarding, use that. The round goes until everyone except one girl is out. This can be especially fun for preteens and tweens. Cereal boxes, paper plates, and the white side of the wrapping paper are great ways to make a board. Find out the Flip Flop shoe sizes of each guest before the party.

Teenage sleepover activities

Yeah, you might want to wear a raincoat for this one, and Mom might want to lay down a painting drop cloth. Tracing the Object In this game, each girl plays for her own self. You can give everyone the same amount or you can save this game for last and have everyone earn money by playing your other slumber party games. The makeover giver must do her best to put make up on the receiver with absolutely no guidance from her. Just watch out for the lamps: Not only will these guarantee a night of pure, unadulterated, unapologetic fun, but will also lead to so much laughter, you will want all your weekends to be like this one. If you plan in advance, you can decorate a large gift bag for each guest. To start the game, the girls unroll their bags and lay them out on the floor. This can be especially fun for preteens and tweens. Who ever the bottle points to when it finishes spinning paints a nail with that color. Pick out the perfect games for your slumber party. Revenge can be sweet if they didn't like their blind makeover. Buy a poster of a film star, or if you have an old one that you do not mind discarding, use that. Forgot about that one, didn't you? One will be the leader the other will be the blind. Pass on a piece of white paper or a napkin to each of the girls, ask them to wear bright lipstick everyone has to wear the same shade and kiss the paper. Then each team was also given a list that looked like this: Before the auction pass out play money to everyone. Turn off all the lights and use only flashlights, or you can use a weird-colored bulb to create an eerie effect. Shouldn't it be called "Humiliation or Bullying? Couples shout out their answers. You thought it was a game of skill. This list of games will help you make it a night to remember. Photo Scavenger Hunt After dinner, we had a fun activity, called a photo scavenger hunt. Some of the slumber party games are wild and zany, others are great for teen girl bonding.

Teenage sleepover activities

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  1. Find out who your moguls are when you pull out the Monopoly game or start up the giggles with Trouble. And now that you have some of the activities that you can carry through at that sleepover, just go have a really awesome night.

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